Schema patch


As promised (if a bit late… uhh), here’s a patch to unify schema
creation from a single Perl data structure. There’s four attachments

  • first, a patch to Makefile and bin/
  • second, the new file bin/initdb, and
  • third, the new file etc/, and
  • lastly, the new file etc/insert.mysql

You’ll also need the DBIx::DataSource and DBIx::DBSchema modules. If they
have not yet propogated to your favourite CPAN mirror, you can get them
at: and

The initdb.{mysql,Pg,Oracle} files have become just `initdb’, with the
database type passed as a parameter. The database password is no longer
passed on the the command line and is instead queried from the user.

The schema.{mysql,Pg,Oracle> files have become'. The data inserts there were misplaced in there haven't found a new home yet.insert.mysql’ has the MySQL inserts for now.

MySQL appears to be working. Pg is no worse than before. :slight_smile: Oracle
might take some work.


schema-patch (1.28 KB)

initdb (1.73 KB)

insert.mysql (9.36 KB) (7.99 KB)