Saved search based on group membership

Is there a way to create saved searches based on the group the requestor is

I have a department with 50 people divided into a number of teams, each with
a lead or a manager. At present, all tickets are created via email and go
into the General queue. The help desk manager then assigns tickets to an
engineer to work the ticket. However, since there are 2 support engineers
and 50 users, we’d like the leads and managers to take an active role in
setting priorities for the tickets their team members submit. One idea is
to create queue for each team, but then we’d need a way to automatically
push tickets into the right queue based on the users’s group. The other
idea (the one we like) is to simply create saved searches for each team
which contain the usernames of the team members and show only the tickets
where team members are requestors. However, we don’t want to hardcode
this. We have created RT groups for each team and added the right users to
the right groups.

Is there a way to use groups in searches?