"Sanitized" Display.html

RT Users–

Any suggestions on best approach to achieve the following?

There are times when we need to send ticket information to someone outside of
our company who was perhaps not originally a Ticket Watcher. However, for me
to copy/paste the Ticket info would include Comments; not something we want to

I attempted to hack up a DisplaySanitized.html this evening which would,
regardless of ShowTicketComments right, withold displaying Comments. It
appeared I wanted to implement this functionality in LoadTextAttachments,
as currently at lines 70-72 (RT 3.2.3rc2) I have:
unless ( $Ticket->CurrentUserHasRight(‘ShowTicketComments’) ) {
$attachments->Limit( ALIAS => $transactions, FIELD => ‘Type’, OPERATOR => ‘!=’, VALUE => “Comment” );

I tried a number of different approached, but even with the line above I still
have comments returned if the user has the right to see them.

Has anyone done something like this or have any pointers?