Runaway spawning tickets?


I thought I throw my problem out on the list in case someone can help.

Here at Wildbrain we use RT 2.0.13 to manage several queues with a
postgres database… Occasionally an e-mail with an attachment gets sent
into the system and a new ticket gets spawned for it every hour.
According to mail logs, the message gets delivered just once.

The interesting part is – the new spawned tickets do not send out any
e-mail like a normal spawned ticket does, nor do they have the
attachment that was originally attached. Also interesting is the
database gets updated exactly once an hour.

When this occurs, stopping web server, stopping postgres, cleaning out
the WebRT/data/ directories, restarting postgres an webserer seems to
stop the spawning of a particular ticket.

Anyone know what’s going on?

Your help is much appreciated! thanks