RTx::Statistics v1.8 - Tickets per day in multiplequeues shows a ll tickets created since inception


        The way it's supposed to work is you modify this statement

“$MultiQueueMaxRows = 10;” in /opt/rt3/local/lib/RTx/Statistics.pm to be
the number of days you want the chart to show by default. For
CallsQueueDay, you change this one: “$PerDayMaxRows = 10;”.

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multiplequeues shows a ll tickets created since inception

Request Trackers,

I’ve just upgraded to RTx::Statistics v1.8. It looks great and works
fine, apart from one niggle…

When I view ‘Tickets per day in Multiple Queues by status’ every day in
the range reports the number of tickets created in that queue since RT
was enabled. This happens for single & multi-queue queries, regardless
of the query status. Here’s an example of the header accompanying a
dodgy result set "Tickets with Status ARRAY(0x9b45f2c) in
Bioinformatics, per day from Sat Jan 14 2006 through Tue Jan 24 2006
Year=2006&weekends=1> "

I’ve looked over the Wiki & searched the mailing list archives and the
best suggestion came from Nick
http://www.gossamer-threads.com/lists/rt/users/51586 ). Unfortunately
this fixes Statistics v1.7 and all the changes appear to be implemented
in v1.8 /CallsMultiQueue/index.html.

We’re running RT v3.4.2 (not looking to upgrade just yet), Perl v5.8.6,
Mason 1.18 & Apache 1.3 on Redhat 1.7.

Any help or pointers gratefully received.



Steve Platt

Bioinformatics Support Co-ordinator

Bioinformatics Unit: Statistics, Modelling & Bioinformatics Department

Center for Infections

Health Protection Agency

61 Colindale Avenue





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