RTx:: Shredder


First off I would like to apologize for emailing you on such a trivial
matter that it probably documented somewhere but I just couldn’t find it.
To avoid apologizing send questions to rt-users@ list and Cc me.

When I run RTx Shredder it only deletes 3 or 4 tickets. Then stops cleanly
at least as far as I can tell. Below is the command I run. Upon doing a DB
search via RT I have over 35k Resolved tickets that I want to remove.
All shredder’s plugins have limit argument and by default value is 10,
but using large values is not recommended due to memory footprint. You
can use external shell loop instead.

rtx --force --plugin ‘Tickets=queue,noc;status,resolved’

I am running .06 with rt 3.6.4 on mysql 5.0.42

William Funk


Best regards, Ruslan.