RTx-Shredder Users plugin and lost ticket comments

I’ve been eliminating all kinds of users that were created when spam was
received. The problem is that it is quite difficult to always discern
which users are legitimate and which aren’t. In the past I asked if it
is possible to sift through the users and remove them based on tickets
that have been deleted.

On one hand this is a straight forward question however, on the other it
isn’t. What I would like to do is eliminate users based on the fact
that the tickets created by them (so to speak) have already been removed
from the database, not simply carrying a status of deleted. Ruslan had
directed me toward one of the repositories carrying versions of Shredder
that have this kind of capability but I was unable to find them.

But that is neither here nor there at the moment. The immediate problem
I’ve encountered is that eliminating users that are actually legitimate
and re-associating any elements in the database owned by the user causes
the element to not show up in any ticket carrying it. These elements
have been re-associated to root so should be in the database still.

So the immediate question is whether or not it is possible to have those
elements re-inserted into the tickets they belong in.

The secondary question is whether or not it is possible to use Shredder
in the manner mentioned above, directing it to eliminate users that have
no associated tickets.

Any and all help will be appreciated.

Mathew Snyder