RTx-Shredder 0.01_03 has entered CPAN

Hello, rt-users.

Much water has flowed under the bridges since then I announced
RTx-Shredder releases.

Here is new one development release with three major features:
* 3.4 support, 3.(0…2).x support dropped
* test suite
* sqldump that allow restore data

Test suite uses SQLite backend and standalone DBs, so your production
DBs wouldn’t be corrupted while testing.

WARNING: Please, wait for stable releases, don’t run anything except
test suite on your production servers.

I hope that rt-users help me write tests. Test suite is very important
thing for RTx-Shredder distribution, much important then for any other
distribution, because if we have good test suite then we could be shure
for XX% that shredder wouldn’t break our RTs.

You can help me with any feedback you have.

Changes since 0.01
* WARN: rtx-validator may fails, I don’t update it
* fix: ObjectCFV issues
* fea: tests framework!!!
* upd: basic tests
* upd: 00skeleton.t file
* fea: shredder dies if some methods are redefined
this is done to be forward compatible
and die before we could break something
* upd: Todo changes

* WARN: basic RT >= 3.4.x support
* fix: Users shredding was not loaded at all
* fea: --force, never ask questions, for cron users
* fea: --sqldump, Shredder generates INSERT queries
that allow you restore DB after shredding
* inv: When delete users from groups we should delete delegated
* fix: SYNOPSYS in Shredder.pm has bad example
* fix: User should delete itself from GroupMembers and from Cached
* fix: CachedGroupMember should delete other CGMs that are 'Via’
* upd: New documentation, README should be more clean
* fea: get rid of configure script and all .in files
now we use Module::Install::Substitute
* upd: rtx-shredder args parsing cleanup
* upd: Distribution doesn’t require Getopt::Simple any more
* fea: new --object option for rtx-shredder script
* fix: Transactions, ObjectCustomFieldValues, Attributes are handled

* WARN: this is last version you can use with RT 3.0.x
* fix: validator now works