$rtname, EmailParser.pm + bulk user updates

I have made changes to my EmailParser.pm file after reading archives




They 2 changes differ slightly, but it looks like they should
the same thing. However, I cant seem to get emails with subject
[rt.ftisoft.com #XXX] to go into the correct tickets – new tickets are
just created instead. Everything else seems to work fine.

These are the lines a believe to be relevant (old $rtname was

sub ParseTicketId {
my $self = shift;

my $Subject = shift;

if ( $Subject =~ s/\[\Q$RT::rtname\E\s+\#(\d+)\s*\]//i ) { 
    my $id = $1; 
    $RT::Logger->debug("Found a ticket ID. It's $id"); 
    return ($id); 

#redirect incoming tickets from old rtname
elsif ($Subject =~ s/[rt.ftisoft.com #(\d+)]//i) {
my $id = $1;
$RT::Logger->debug(“Found an old (rt.ftisoft.com) ticket ID.
It’s $id”);
return ($id);

else { 
    return (undef); 

Am I missing some detail here? I don’t think it matters, but this was
an RT3.2 database until last night. After the move to the new machine
changed $rtname. If it matters, machine is: RHEL3.0, mysql 4.1.9, perl

Another question that i suspect i should send towards mysql… We just
changed the company name – hence all the email addresses changed as
well. Is there a way to update every user’s email address/username in
bulk to reflect the new address? Users are not allowed to log in or
create tickets through web – we only use email, so all users are

Great product and thanks for the help!