Rtname Change.. help!


Ok, so I thought I was smart. When I originally setup WebRT, I gave
it a rather long “rtname”. I (and others) find the long name annoying.
So I have an opportunity right now (there are only a few outstanding
requests) to change the rtname, and so I did. Inspite of the warnings
not to do so…

Well, now I can’t update any tickets. When I attempt to do so by
submitting the update, it comes back and states “No ticket specified” as
an “RT Error”. So I changed it back, restarted the apache server,
restarted my Mozilla session, and still can’t update any tickets (same

I looked and looked in the database for references to the name, but
didn’t see anything obvious.

What did I break?? Can anyone help me out here? How can I somewhat
safely change the rtname of my WebRT server, and how can I recover from
the obviously wrong way that I did?