RTIR problem with large e-mails

Hi all,

We are are trying to use RT 4.4.2 with RT-IR 4.0 for our ticketing system and to replace our old RT 3.8.11.
It was installed along Mariadb on a CentOS 7. The use case is as follows: we are receiving e-mail messages containing compromised IP’s ar any other problems on email@our.domain and using rt-mailgate, tickets should be created. Everything seems to work fine when it comes to messages containing from 200 up to 3000 text lines. An email containing approximately 5000 text lines returns as in the filed attached due to content restrictions.
Yet the ticket is created as shown in the filed attached due to content restrictions.
The ticket contains only 2500 IP addresses out of 5000.
When it comes to larger e-mail messages, I get the same error, but the ticket is not created, as shown in the filed attached due to content restrictions.
To have a better ideea, e-mail messages are containing this kind of text:

"Affected hosts on your networks:

" asn",“ip”,“timestamp”,“malware”,“src_port”,“dst_ip”,“dst_port”,“dst_host”
12:39:01”,“apollo”,“49180”,“”,“443”,“host2.domain2.tld” "

Mariadb config sets max_allowed_packet = 50M
Attachment size - Set($MaxAttachmentSize, 4010241024); # 40MiB

On our old RT 3.8.11, the performance is not so good, but we don’t have such issues.
Any ideas to solve this issue and to improve performance would be greatly appreciated.

Catalin Miu