RTIR integration with ArcSight

good evening everyone please i am trying to integrate RTIR with Arcsight and i have check on google and youtube for step on what to do and how to do but i have not seen any vital information, please i will be so grateful if my request can be look in to. links, step by step solutions or more preferable videos will go along way to help me achieve this.

Thank you in anticipation for your favorable replies.
https://bestpractical.com/rtir There is an integration of this with ArcSight. Google that and get this done on your test environment and document that 100% with all screenshot and all steps. Submit completed work this Friday

I’ve never used Arcsight so i am not familiar with that bit of software, how are you trying to integrate with RT?

If you could explain the desired integration more I am sure people here can help point you in the right direction

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ok, thank you for your concerns and response i will send a link to the forum for more details.

thank you.

It does look like arcsight have some unofficial RT integration, have you looked at this?

thank you let me check, much appreciate.
i have tired this link and the steps but could’t download the application RTIR

am thinking i should just install RTIR on my test environment first and see how it works before talking of integrating with arcsight.

please can i get RTIR installation steps or video more preferable, i think installing RTIR would be the best thing to do before thinking of integrating with any thing else.
thank you all in anticipation and for your favorable response.

Hello Dessy,

please can i get RTIR installation steps or video more preferable, i think installing RTIR would be the best thing to do before thinking of integrating with any thing else.

RT::IR is an extension that you can install to RT, so you can start by installing RT. There is the official README that gives you a high level overview of the install process. There is also a recent thread on this forum that can be helpful:

Once you install RT you can look to install the RT::IR extension:

thank you ever so much @Craig for our support am grateful.
thank you.
the link is helpful, i have not been able to install it yet.

thank you everyone am so grateful.

i tried installing RT from the readme in https://github.com/bestpractical/rtir
Installation instructions:

  1. Install the current release of the RT 4.4 series following RT’s
    regular installation instructions

  2. Run “perl Makefile.PL” to generate a makefile for RTIR.

  3. Install any extra Perl modules RTIR needs that aren’t already
    installed. The output from the previous step will list new
    modules needed, or if existing modules need to be upgraded to a
    newer version.

  4. Type “make install”.

  5. Activate the RTIR extension by putting the following line in your
    RT’s etc/RT_SiteConfig.pm file:


6a) If you are installing RTIR for the first time, initialize the RTIR
database by typing “make initdb”.
when i try the first code “perl makefile.pl” i got an error that siad can’t open perl script “makefile.pl” no such file or directory.
please how do i go about install RT pls am stock on it. please if you have steps for me to follow it will be hrlpful.

The file is “Makefile.pl” with a capital “M” if you’re in the RTIR source directory you can run ls to see which files are there

Thank you for your contribution but please i really don’t get it can you kindly help me with a step by steps process for RT installation or video more preferable, or if we can have a remote session.
thank you.