RTIR 4.0.1 Beta 1 Now Available

RTIR 4.0.1beta1 is now available for testing. The list of changes included with this release is below. We welcome any feedback or bug reports on this beta release.

(For long-time RT testers, this release is the same as what we previously called a release candidate. We have decided to change to “beta” since that has become a more familiar term for early release software.)


SHA-256 sums

cb4c4d4a8aedd934fe4b598c0541548af700353df64a64aeedc8bbcbee84a265 RT-IR-4.0.1beta1.tar.gz
9fa31cd2095fbc78d4dae235554fd5e3b91a499381647353aab35281d687e7ac RT-IR-4.0.1beta1.tar.gz.asc

General user UI

  • Fix charting to be inline with RT 4.4.1
  • Fix compatibility with RT’s new status selector in search
  • Improve due and start date field widths on incident create (I#31870)
  • On RT 4.4.2, support new recently-viewed ticket feature (I#32484)
  • Improve alignment of Link and New buttons on Incident (I#31748)
  • Make Link, New, Take, Lookup buttons on IRs smaller
  • Respect rich-text input preference on incident pages (I#32166)
  • Fix Show Email link when show history pref is set to “immediate”
  • Include the new RTIR logo
  • Add button to save whois and traceroute results to ticket (I#31257)
  • Remove extra ?id= in transaction history links (I#30744)
  • Remove Type arg from call to UpdateData to load correct editor on Incidents
  • Add button to save Whois and Traceroute results to a ticket (I#31257)
  • Remove extra table row at bottom of RTIR ticket display
  • Restore styling for single column create/update layout
  • Provide a new option to use RT’s search page directly rather than always
    redirecting to the RTIR search page
  • Add Lifecycle as an extra arg on Link
  • Update IPv6 matching to use stronger boundary conditions and avoid
    matches with non-IPv6 strings

Server Administration

  • Avoid dependency on Sort::Versions
  • Avoid regex deprecation warnings on perl 5.21.1+
  • Remove stale callback on upgrade from RTIR 3.2 that broke admin UI
    for ticket custom fields (I#32100)
  • Include RT 4.4.2 schema changes in the RTIR upgrade test
  • Remove unnecessary query debug log for Charts
  • Use Lifecycle to load queue-specific Formats
  • Wrap RT upgrade to catch warnings
  • During upgrades, correctly derive status from state CF for all cases
  • Only enable Net::Whois debug logs if RT’s log level is debug


  • Add AfterWorked callback to /RTIR/Update.html
  • Add AfterHidden callback to /RTIR/Incident/Reply/index.html
  • Add AfterHidden callback to /RTIR/Incident/Create.html
  • Add ARGSRef and SaveChanges parameters to Initial callback on
  • Add BeforeDisplay callback to /RTIR/Display.html
  • Add TicketObj parameter to BeforeDisplay callback on
  • Improve test compatibility with RT 4.4.2
  • Fix test failure with HTML::Mason versions prior to 1.52
  • Use RT’s new version of SelectStatus
  • Remove unused EditComponentName callback file on upgraded systems
  • In RTIR/Update.html Initial callback, pass ARGS as a reference


  • Use RT::Handle’s cmp_version function in upgrade version checks
  • Various fixes for perl 5.26 compatibility
  • Redirect to the correct display page from Update.html
  • Normalize SkipNotification checkbox value to an arrayref
  • Differentiate RTIR Reports menu from RT Reports in tests
  • Confirm TicketObj is defined before checking for queue whois server
  • Remove explicit require of Auth::Crypt that could cause errors when
    not installed
  • Stop parsing empty URIs to avoid warnings
  • Convert a queue name reference in tests to use lifecycle
  • When merging, default to empty string values for unset constituencies
  • In tests, use lexical iterator so inline test server can render articles
  • Filter CFs when creating Incident and Investigation at the same time

A complete changelog is available from git by running:
git log 4.0.0…4.0.1beta1
or visiting