RTIR 3.2.0rc3 available for testing

RTIR 3.2.0rc3 is the latest release candidate of RTIR compatible with RT 4.2.

It is only compatible with RT 4.2.9 and later and will refuse to install
on earlier versions of RT 4.2.

You should be sure to review both core RT’s UPGRADING-4.2 as well as
RTIR’s UPGRADING-3.2 documentation.


SHA1 sums

bfd995774cc0d72e9abb3bc80beaa5a85e662a9b RT-IR-3.2.0rc3.tar.gz
00264d46535fe926d3518f6400e25bab28eb9455 RT-IR-3.2.0rc3.tar.gz.asc

General user UI

  • Don’t error when caching UTF-8 data with newer Digest::SHAs
  • Don’t redirect Duty Team members using the REST interface
  • Remove an error with Multiple-select Constituency

A complete changelog is available from git by running:
git log 3.0.3…3.2.0rc3
or visiting