RTIR 2.6.2rc3 available for testing

RTIR 2.6.2rc3 is a minor bump to 2.6.2rc2 because a new dependency
wasn’t declared.

As part of the IPv6 support, there is a database upgrade.
Step 5 under ‘General upgrade instructions’ in the UPGRADING file
explains how to apply the 2.6.2 upgrade.


SHA1 sums

939b95297a0561738534ea9af3bf8bc7420f3a2d RT-IR-2.6.2rc3.tar.gz
3fbfea00fe4f890ce0a95255971a736d5686e8fb RT-IR-2.6.2rc3.tar.gz.sig


  • IPv6 support in IP custom field. Extraction from emails, ranges,
    searches, everything that applies to IPv4 support.


  • RTIR now requires RT 3.8.6 in order to take advantage of custom field
    rendering bugfixes
  • compatibility with RT 3.8.13 and older versions patched
    with security fixes
  • ensure that reports are passed the Constituency selected
    on the index.html
  • add_constituency was still using RTIR prefix
  • fix CF name in Action::RTIR_SetHowReported