RTIR 2.4.5 release candidate 1


RTIR 2.4.5rc1 is available for download.

It’s mostly a cleanup release, but we would love to see it tested
because of a change in how ScriptedActions work. In old versions
requestor on scripted tickets was added late for scrips to notify
them. So we decided to change that. Information on other changes you
can find below.


SHA sums:

b41267b1f31b7b4dcf4f636e3f6971200634ba8a RT-IR-2.4.5rc1.tar.gz
a5d5c81f15d8f711e0b14cca693f331bd9ff8b91 RT-IR-2.4.5rc1.tar.gz.sig


  • In ScriptedActions add requestor when we call Create instead
    of delaying it, so “on create” scrips notify requestors
  • Updated sample WHOIS servers
  • CSS to clean up the RTIR home page a bit

Best regards, Ruslan.