Rtimportldap update: Unicode and group sync

Hi all,

see (hopefully the last in this year) the new update of
LDAP user import utility, attached.

What’s new:

1). group synchronization with --groupsync (was --groupbind before)
2). Accents and umlatus are shown (more) correctly (as tested with Perl 5.6.1
and RT 2.0.15pre1).

See the README below and the tar.gz attached.
Jesse, please update the contrib server when you have time.



$Id: rtimportldap.README,v 1.5 2002/12/20 11:00:27 stsiny Exp $
The utility for importing the RT users from LDAP directory

Author: Stanislav Sinyagin ssinyagin@yahoo.com

This script is written as generic as possible, but tested
in Microsoft Active Directory/Exchange 2000 environment only.

The script does not care about passwords. Old users’ passwords
are not touched, and the new users are created without password.
Apache/mod_auth_ldap may be used for user authentication against
the LDAP server.

The script is reenterable: existing users are updated,
and non-existing ones are created. Thus, it may be used
every time you make changes in your LDAP directory.

Usage: ./rtimportldap.pl options…
Options ([M] means mandatory, [O] means optional):
–rc filename [O] read options from file
opt=value pairs one per line
–server hostname [M] LDAP server
–port port [O] LDAP TCP port. Default: 389
–ldapver 3|2 [O] LDAP version. Default: 3
–binddn dn [O] Bind DN
–bindpw password [O] Bind password
–basedn dn [M] Base DN
–filter filter [O] Search filter. Default:
–uidattr attr [O] Username attribute. Default:

rtimportldap-20021223.tar.gz (4.98 KB)