RTFM + wikitext format rules


I have added RTFM to my current rt3.2.0 installation. The goal is to create
faqs that will be easily built by my support team, and easily accessed by
my users. I am having trouble with the the body of the FAQs. If I use
standard text input, then the page must be formated in HTML. Not all of my
team can use HTML so this option is out. So I switched it to WIKI text
input. I have not used wiki before, but am familiar with it. The pages seem
to format all right, except for some minor link issues when I paste in code
that has CAPS in the words. So I went looking on basic wiki format rules.
The rules that I have found on the web do not seem to apply to the wiki
that is being used by RTFM. Is this true? Does anyone have a format guide
sheet for text::Wikiformat that RTFM is using. Particularly,

or any other command to stop wiki from formating a block of text would be nice.

-Forrest Stanley