RTFM Wiki Markup


I found the RTFM page on the bestpractical wiki as well as the man page
for Text::WikiFormat and the Kwiki page on the wiki … none of which
are helping me figure out the RTFM “Wiki” text area custom field.

I see 2 issues that I cannot figure out.

My first line of the text area is a H2 (== This is a header ==), and
when I display the article, the H2 is preceded by a bullet point …
where is that coming from???

Next is trying to get an ordered list to work.

I’ve tried every combination of 0, 0., spaces before, spaces after the 0
or 0. … none of them create an ordered list.

4 spaces plus a “" gives me a 2nd indent bullet list, but no-spaces +
” + 1-space + text does not give me a bullet list. All which makes
me wonder even more about the bullet that shows up in front of the H2.

This is RTFM-2.2.0RC5 on top of RT 3.6.1 (Debian Etch release).