RTFM: Editing CustomField / Add a value right

Hello list,

I have RT 3.2.2 running with RTFM 2.0.4.

One group should administer the CustomFields of RTFM and have the following rights (either global
and CustomField-specific):


When they try to add a new value to a CustomField they always get a “Permission denied”.

What right did I forget to set?

Thank you in advance




Remember, if the custom field is a ticket custom field, you will need 

to grant the MdifyTicket privilege to the group that is accessing the
Queue where the ticket resides. I’m not sure you need to grant modify
and show ACL since that privilege is what allows a person to "change"
someone’s or a group’s privileges and I don’t think it has anything to
do with custom fields. I think it is more for an administrator to allow
them to alter or modify other’s users’ and group’s rights.
AdminCustomFiled is what allows someone to “create” and “modify” the
values allowed in a custom field when it is set up, it does not apply to
altering custom field content in a ticket. Now, for the ability to
actually modify the content of a custom field “in a ticket”, I would
grant the following rights:

Config > Queue > and Grant SeeQueue, ShowTicket, ModifyTicket for the 

group that you want to do this work on a ticket in a particular Queue.
Any other rights you grant should be appropriate.
Config > Custom Field > Select the Custom Field from the list > Group
Rights and Grant ModifyCustomField, SeeCustomField. This allows any
group you grant these rights to the ability to see and modify (enter a
value for a particular ticket) the content of a custom field in a
particular ticket.

You can also grant these rights at the global user level but I do not 

recommend that because it creates a maintenance nightmare if you have a
lot of queues and groups. Stick to the group level of rights and you
will make your life easier.

I hope this helps.


Thomas Muehlstrasser wrote:

Thank you Kenn,

but I am afraid there was a misunderstanding. My question was on the Custom Fields of the RT FAQ
Manager (RTFM) and not on the Custom Fields of tickets and queues. Or do the rights on Custom
Fields of the RT FAQ Manager interact with those of tickets and queues?


Kenneth Crocker wrote: