RTFM as attachment

I spent the afternoon upgraing to Perl 5.8.3 and then
upgrading mod_perl. That was fun!

Now that I’m not afraid to include attachments to
a ticket I have a feature request for RT/RTFM.

We have a standard form we send to users when they
make certain types of requests. I would like to
capture the form sending action in RT, but I
don’t really want to keep saving the blank form
as part of a transaction every time we send it to

It would be really cool if you could attach an
RTFM binary article (like a Word doc) to a
reply, but the transaction would reference
RTFM instead of storing the form as an

Ofcourse, it occurs to me now that we can just
send a link to the form in an RTFM acticle
and store the form in the NoAuth area of

Still, it would be nice…