RTFM articles in a drop box vs keyword search

Hi guys. I’m attempting to migrate our customer service folks from their
ancient Mustang implementation to RT3. Everything seems to be pretty
easy so far, but there’s one mustang feature that I’d like to figure out
how to implement.

Our customer service folks rely heavily on canned responses. Under
the old (mustang) UI, that was a window filled with the canned responses.
When they were working on a ticket/request, they’d just doubleclick the
canned response and it would drop into the working text response window.

I’d like to find a way to select an article from a list, or at least
a drop down selector. The current mechanism seems to be a keyword
search. Does anybody know of a way to display a scrollable window
of articles for inclusion under the Update Ticket window?

  • Lamont
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