I owe the geeks in EurOpen.cz and at the Western Bohemian University a
great thank for an interessting conference and a pleasant stay in Plzen!

It seems to me that some parts of the sessions only were interessting for
some few of the persons beeing at the place, maybe we should do a better
job splitting the conference into sessions and specifiying what technical
level we will keep and what we will discuss in the sessions. At least if
we intend to be more than three persons on the conference :slight_smile:

Apart from that, it was very inspiring. I think we got settled out quite
a bit about the future direction of RT2, we did agree on quite some things
that it might have taken quite some time to discuss through mailing lists

  • if possible at all. I’d particularly comment the idea about how to
    handle queues with lots of requests; we should set the default limit to
    100 (so nobody will risk swaping the server requesting some 6000 requests
    without realizing what they’re doing), we should allow people to request
    statistics (i.e. countrs) instead of a request listing, and we should
    allow grouping. This is a bit in the blue sky, but anyway we spent about
    four minutes discussing this, I guess it would have taken quite some time
    at a mailing list.

We managed to show a working RT2 instance, and we got to see some of the
local installations and local enhancements of RT; they had for one thing
made some statistical graphical tools that looked very nice. I was
actually amazed of how advanced the Czech infrastructure is, taken into
consideration all those years of Soviet supression.

Things got a bit stressed up, and I also guess quite some of the people
was a bit fed up towards the end of the day, so we missed out some of the
more important tasks, including to set up a realistic timeline and roadmap
for RT2.

We had a very pleasant evening with concert and pub visits, we were out
until three o’ clock tasting all that excellent czech beers and herbal
bitters. It’s a very long time since I’ve been that drunk, Katya even
couldn’t remember how we got back to the dormitory.

I hope we can follow this up with a new conference when a bit more people
are using RT2.

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