RT5 users cannot see Saved Searches

RT5 users cannot see Saved Searches both in Dashboard nor Search builder neither. All the Rights: SeeGroupDashboard
EditSavedSearches were given both to the Group and All the groups members.

Cleared mason cache and restarted apache several times - nthing helped. Saved searches could be seen onle by root.
any ideas?

What privacy is the saved search saved to? You can see this by loading the saved search as root on the search builder page

I made the same search both in RT System space and Saved by root space. I wonder not only about dashboard with empty Saved Search component - but also on users do not see Save search section in the Builder. May be there’s other way to have Tickects Created by Me portlet?

If you’re granting rights globally you may also want to grant LoadSavedSearch. Typically I make a group and then save the saved searches to the groups privacy. Then I can also make a dashboard for that group and just add members to said group when I want them to see searches/dashboards

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Thank you for your care, I dont see this right at the moment at all - need to investigate, and also I cannot see any other space for Search saving by the root exept sysytem and root itself.

I believe you’d need to add root to which ever group you wanted to save the searches to

You might need to add the right view group dashboard and view saved searches.

Thank you all, I’ve got the point and managed to get these searches after setting rights globally and make searches inside group.