RT5 tickets's CustomRole user

I wonder could I have smth like $Ticket->AdminCC but for the CustomRole with certain id and/or role name?
I’d like to use CustomRole “Approver” to send child approve ticket to certain person, putting him as owner for ticket in ___Approvals queue in my Template

My working code now:
===Create-Ticket: Ticket approval
my $ticket = $Tickets{TOP};
my $roles = RT::CustomRoles->new(RT->SystemUser);
$roles->Limit( FIELD => ‘Name’, VALUE => ‘Approver’, CASESENSITIVE => 0 );
my $role = $roles->First;
our $owner;
$owner = $ticket->RoleGroup($role->GroupType)->MemberEmailAddressesAsString;
Queue: ___Approvals
Subject: ticket approval {$Tickets{TOP}->Id} - {$Tickets{TOP}->Subject}
Depended-On-By: TOP
Owner: {$owner}

I am using “Approver” CustomRole to fill user to approve ticket