RT5: initialize-database error: not allowed to create a user with GRANT

I’m trying to get a clean install of RT 5.0.4 up on a fresh Ubuntu 23.04.3 LTS server, and am hitting a few snags.

I’m “generally competent” in IT, having support Windows systems and done MIS dev for years, but Linux has always hurt my head a little - I know just enough Linux to be dangerous, but not enough to be confident.

I’ve been following the guide at ManualInstallation - Request Tracker Wiki just modifying the path to get the 5.0.4 tar at the start, and am using MariaDB as the database.

I’ve got as far as running “make initialize-database”. Which basically fails, so instead I’m actually running “sudo make initialiize-database” on the assumption that the notes have assumed you’re running as root, and I’m not.

After sudo’ing it, I supply the rt_admin user password when prompted, the DB is created, but it fails at creating the ACLs with:

[critical]: DBD::mysql::st execute failed: You are not allowed to create a user with GRANT at /home/sysadmin/rt-5.0.4/sbin/…/lib/RT/Handle.pm line 491. (/home/sysadmin/rt-5.0.4/sbin/…/lib/RT.pm:409)

“sysadmin” is the logged in account and has no explicit MySQL rights at all, but the make is running as root and the rt_admin in MySQL has been pre-granted permissions on the rt5 db as per the instructions I’m following.

MariaDB has not been secured (which I’ve only just twigged, so that’s on the list).

Do I need to grant the rt_admin user permissions on the mysql DB as well?

I’ve done a number of web searches, and searched this forum, and can’t find anyone else having the same issue.

Any help appreciated.