RT5 - Add CC email addresses as watcher on ticket creation


We are using RT5. We opted to remove the “Everyone can reply to a ticket” permission in order to secure our RT setup. Sometimes when a ticket is created there are CC email addresses on it, when one of the CCs replies to the ticket then they’ll get a failure notification since they are not allowed to reply to the ticket.

The idea is to add CC permissions to reply to the ticket but the CC addresses would have to be added to the watchers in order for that to work.

Any ideas?


See the notes about this config:


So adding this to RT_SiteConfig.pm should do the trick?:

Set($ParseNewMessageForTicketCcs, 1);
Set(RTAddressRegexp , '^example\@domainexample.com’);

Of course replacing the example@domainexample.com email for the real RT email address (we currently use only one for the single queue that we have).


Hi again,

I have an issue with the RTAddressRegexp configuration.

I added our RT staff personal email addresses to RTAddressRegexp in order to have them excluded from the automatic CC creation. I don’t know if this is correct but at this point all seems to work except for one email address. For this user when I add his email address to RTAddressRegexp it disappears completely even from the options when we reply to a ticket.

Any ideas?

You’re telling RT that those staff members addresses are email addresses that RT uses to receive email. RT will never send email to those addresses because it thinks it would be sending to itself and creating a mail loop.

Thx, understood. So RTAddressRegexp should be used only for RT exclusive email. Understood.

So now, is there a way that I can create an exception list so that RT doesn’t add our staff email as CC? Some clients CC our staff on their email and RT is adding them as CC and on reply they are receiving the messages two times.

I am not sure that there is a config to do that, you could try creating a scrip “On Create Remove Cc When Cc Is Requestor” that does this.

Great, will try that one! Thx as always knation.