RT5.0.6 - Expanding Ticket Metadata "Custom Fields" globally / permanently

Hi All,
Wondering if anyone has any feedback or tips regarding viewing a ticket and accessing / expanding the Custom Field (Or any other “Ticket Metadata” sections of a ticket).

We just upgraded from RT 4.4.3 to version 5.0.6 and during my first week of use it has felt wildly annoying to have to expand “Custom Fields” using the drop down “carrot arrow” over and over again on every ticket. I believe I have determined normal expected behavior is that expanding the section is persistent AFTER the first time you expand EACH TICKET. Subsequently access of a previous expanded ticket will have the Custom Fields expanded.

My challenge is that I work alot of tickets and we classify alot of custom fields. The “carrot arrow” in RT 5.0.6 seems super tiny from a UI perspective requiring a specific click.

Does anyone have any settings or tips that would globally “Expand” a section such as “Custom Fields” by user across all tickets and queues?

Much appreciated!

See if either the config option $HideUnsetFieldsOnDisplay or the similar option in your user preferences helps.

Your’re speaking of this item? Think so.

The setting is remembered in our installation. So the configuration of (not) expanded metadata is used every ticket I display. Unfortunaly I don’t know how to configure this behaviour. In my opinion this is the dafault, so you maybe look for your individual setting regarding the display.

Thank you! Yes I want that expanded on every ticket by default. I’ll keep looking in configs, both user facing in the GUI and configuration file based behind the scenes in RT.