RT5.0.2 - Custom Fields external values

Hi, I wonder if anyone can help me. I need to fill at leas one CF (text) from an external source, the query must be parametrized by the value of another CF.

I’ve used RT::CustomFieldValues::External before but this method is not going to work this time, there are literally 140K values and I only need one.

Taking it to de real point: I need to write a customer number on a CF-1 and automatically fill another CF-2 with the customer name, at least. If it’s possible I need to fill more than one CF-[3,4.5…]. This should happen during manual ticket creation an must be visually displayed so the operator can verify the customer’s name, etc.

Any ideas? guides?

Best regards,
Ernesto Silva.

Hi Ernesto.

We do similar for years now. At the moment we transfer from 4.4 to 5.0 and we transfer from client-side to server-side requests.

I cannot give you details at the moment, just the idea. If you want to go in this direction I can work on some details if I’m back to office. Basically it is all plain jscript and ajax, so web-programming and not special to RT.

What we do:
We use Ajax-calls to our own CRM-System to search and autocomplete customers by name or number. The system always shows 10 results, not more. One has to type more chars to get better results. If you select one of the entries the number (customerID) is put in the correct field of the web-formular. If you submit the formular the CF is set. It works on create and on editing the CF.

To do this one has to be logged in to both systems the same time. The browser has to trust the external source via HTTP-security because the browser has connections to RT and to the CRM at the same time.

If we display the CF (in lists or tickets) the cutomerID is expandet with the customer-name.
Again it works only if the User is logged in to both systems and again it is Ajax and the API of the CRM that do the job.

Of cours ist is possible to put the customer-name, phone-number or other information into other CF after finding the right entry.

We put the code in our own .css in the past but I think our developer is moving the code to callbacks.

As a second change we will use an ajax-proxy on the RT server that manages the login to CRM from RT. So the user does not have to be logged in to both systems any more and we can do some more firewalling.

Regards, Andre.

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Dear rubberduck, thank you for the guidance, I believe that can be a solution, I’ll do some testing in the following weeks.

Hi Ernesto.

Maybe you need “Access-Control-Allow-Origin:”. Depends on the code and origins you use.

Back in office I took al look at our code. There is not really anything I can assist at this point. It is just ajax-coding mostly specific to our CRM.

Regards, Andre.

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