RT5.0.0 - reply emails show as generic address

Hi all,

When a user replies to a ticket, the email received is from “Tech Support” instead of “Fred Smith via RT”.

I have UseFriendlyFromLine set to 1.

At the risk of complicating the issue, this used to work when I was relaying RT emails from RT, through an internal mail relay box, to Exchange. The mail relay box is now retired and all the email is local to Exchange.

Any guidance appreciated,

If this stopped working when your internal mail relay was removed, it sounds like it might be something that the Exchange server is now affecting. When you say “a user replies to a ticket” do you mean one of your priv users replying using the RT web interface, or an end user replying to correspondence into RT via email? Is your RT server running its own MTA to pass mail traffic to Exchange or is RT now talking directly the Exchange server?

I am experiencing the same issue but with O365 relay. Although In my instance the generic email address only appears when there is no external recipients. Could you please test in your instance to add an external recipient in the ticket’s people. By external I mean a gmail address for example.

Apologies - seems my reply went astray last week.

Agree that it seems to be due to Exchange treating it differently, but I’m not sure how to troubleshoot it.

When I say “a user replies to a ticket” I mean by replying to an RT5 email. Our users never use the web interface.

The RT server picks up mail from Exchange via fetchmail (POP3) and sends it back via sendmail.

It seems to me that all email from techsupport@mycompany would have to show as coming from “Tech support” because that’s the name on the mailbox. I’m not sure how the RT renaming could even work.