RT3 + TemplateAnswers: escaping entities in templates

We’ve recently upgraded to RT3, and are using the TemplateAnswers mod (from RT2) to allow us to use some canned responses when replying to tickets. This worked without incident in RT2, and it generally works ok in RT3, except that certain characters (single and double quotes, and parentheses) are being converted from their character entities to HTML escape codes (such as " ' etc). They aren’t stored in the database that way, so something about RT3 is changing them, but I can’t figure out how to make it not do that. (We don’t want to email replies to people with these escape codes in the email.) Does anyone know how to disable these? This would be in the Ticket/Update.html file, which calls the TemplateList component. I already tried putting a decode_entities (from HTML::Entities) into TemplateList, but it made no difference - the characters are still being encoded.


– Jackie Hamilton