RT3 HTTP bottleneck?

Hi All,

Trying to decide if I’m observing normal or problem behaviour from my
fresh RT3 installation.

I’m opening an imported ticket from my RT2 installation with roughly 60
actions in history against it. The MySql query executes in less than
two seconds (according to mytop) but the ticket still takes 15 or so
seconds to load - through the duration of this period httpd CPU usage is
99%. Is this normal?
My RT2 installation had been plagued by a Postgres bottleneck that made
it almost unusable (the same ticket took more than 2 minutes to open and
Postgres was consuming 99% CPU through the duration,) so it’s possible
that if Postgres had been behaving better I’d be seeing similar
behaviour from httpd there.

Anyone else seeing this? Anything I can tweak in mod_perl or Apache to
speed this up?

Running RT 3.0.2 on a P4 1.7 Ghz with 1 Gig RAM. Apache 2 with

Many thanks,