RT3 external user lookups on inbound mail

I’m a long-time user of RT2 and of this list but have been off of it for a
few months. I’ve just started upgrade from RT2 to RT3 (3.0.2pre4) and am
configuring RT3. Under RT2, I’ve configured LookupSenderInExternalDatabase
and defined the LookupExternalUserInfo method in the config.pm file, but I
don’t see where this configuration data should rest within RT3. I do see
SenderMustExistInExternalDatabase and see that its documentation within
the RT_Config.pm references LookupSenderInExternalDatabase, but I’m just
missing the link. Any help/pointers would be good.

On a second note, what is the general migration path for custom Actions,
Conditions, and Scrips from RT2 to RT3?


Christian Gilmore
Technology Leader
GeT Support Application Development
IBM Software Group