RT3 & Exim

Hey Guys,

I’m using Exim as my mta and want to be able to open tickets and update tickets using email. I’ve set up the following alias in /etc/aliases:

rt: “|/usr/local/rt3/bin/rt-mailgate --queue general --action correspond --url http://itsupport.domain.com/

Below is the output from my Exim logs and below that is an email I get back after trying to open a ticket. Am I missing something in my config??



2003-05-13 18:14:36 19Fkqq-0000aJ-00 <= sberg@domain.com U=sberg P=local-esmtp S=531 id=Pine.LNX.4.44.0305131812450.2239-100000@localhost.localdomain
2003-05-13 18:14:37 19Fkqq-0000aO-00 <= nobody@domain.com U=nobody P=local S=1563
2003-05-13 18:14:37 19Fkqq-0000aJ-00 => |/usr/local/rt3/bin/rt-mailgate --queue general --action correspond --url http://itsupport.domain.com/ rt@domain.com D=system_aliases T=address_pipe
2003-05-13 18:14:37 19Fkqq-0000aJ-00 Completed
2003-05-13 18:14:37 19Fkqq-0000aO-00 => sberg sberg@domain.com D=localuser T=local_delivery
2003-05-13 18:14:37 19Fkqq-0000aO-00 Completed

RT could not load a valid user, and RT’s configuration does not allow for the creation of a new user for your email.