RT3 error from new install on Solaris

Been working for days on this so would appreciate any leads. Have read
every bit of doco I can find. Had it running on a Linux box not long ago
so I’m familar with it but now I need it running on a Solaris box.

After a new install of RT3 accessing the URL on my server I get the error:

Can’t call method “FETCH” on an undefined value at
/usr/perl5/5.8.2/lib/CGI/Cookie.pm line 76

Installation details:

new install on Solaris 8
Perl 5.8.2 with all modules up to date
Running mod_perl statically compiled in to apache 1.3.29

Only info I can find is that others have had this error if they were
attempting to use mod_perl as DSO which I am not.


Darrell Burkey
Australian National University