RT3 email commands


We just installed RT at our site and would like support to email commands.

I searched through archive and found out that in RT 1 there were commands like %RT

and for RT2 there was enhanced-mailgate.

But i tried the enhanced-mailgate with RT3 and it just kept giving me errors (like GetCurrentUser not imported by RT::Interface::Email etc).

Is there any way RT3 could be configured to accept email commands (the %RT way would be nice - why was this dropped in RT2 and 3?)

These commands could really speed up our work, because for now our staff uses their mailboxes (some pine, mutt, some Mozilla or Eudora) and none of them would apreciate if i told them that from now on you have to use webbrowser to communicate to clients.

Also, i’m not sure whether it could be a problem, but i think that ‘%RT take’ is more polite than ‘RT-Owner: user’ command, because when two people concurrently attempt to take a ticket, one of them should fail, but when setting status, they can do it sequently and thus end up in a mess (not knowing that the other tried to take the ticket first).

So is there a solution that could offer us email command interface?

Laas Toom