RT3 database integration with other db instances

We’re looking at setting up RT3 so that it is able to access data
from our existing database… customer names, contact info, process
history, etc. I’ve got a couple questions related to this that I
haven’t been able to answer by looking through the wiki.

First, the install process clearly wants RT3 to have its own database
instance. Is there an easy way that I’m missing to tell the install
process not to try to create a new database, but simply add tables to
an existing one? Assuming that we have no table name overlaps, this
would seem to be the best option to me, as I think it should allow us
to reference non-RT tables fairly easily. Someone please correct me
if I’m wrong on that score.

Assuming integration into an existing database can’t be done, or that
it is inadvisable for some reason that isn’t clear to me yet, how
easy is it within custom code to get RT to talk to database instances
other than its own? I expect this would require a fair bit of custom
development, but if the wheel is already invented…

Also, if there’s some sleek way to do this that I’m overlooking,
pointers to the right piece of documentation would be greatly

thanks all,
Matt Pounsett

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