RT3, browsers and character encoding (revisited)


 I have managed to get IE 6 (WinXP desktop to RT3.0.1 on RH

7.3/Apache web server) rendering RT beautifully in English. The problem
is that I had to remove some of my available languages to do it (IE:
Tools->Internet Options->General->Languages). If I reinstate Chinese[zh]
and refresh the page, I am back to the Chinese character set : totally

 This doesn't happen to me with *any other web server application or

static (non-Chinese) page*. Stopping and restarting Apache makes no
difference - I’m still a Beijing local in RT3. Only the removal of the
Chinese character set from IE will restore my default English.

 It renders perfectly on Netscape/XP, Safari/IE5 on OSX.   



Arthur Watts (a.watts@cqu.edu.au)

Web Developer

Faculty of Informatics and Communication | Central Queensland University
| Rockhampton, Australia