Rt3.8.8 UTF-8 Charset Problem


I have some Problems with the Charset encoding in rt3.8.8.
All the German Umlaute are displayed as � in the Attachments of Tickets and all descriptions, titles, etc. in RT. If I manually change the charset of the Browser to ISO-8859-1, all the Umlaute are displayed as they should be.
With a modification of the file lib/RT/Interfaces/Web.pm:
< $$ref = Encode::encode_utf8($$ref);
the Attachments are displayed correct again (and so are the titles of the tables on the main page). However the descriptions and the column-names of the tables still show the � sign in place of an Umlaut. If I change the Charset of the Browser to ISO-8859-1, everything looks fine again.

The system runs on CentOS 5.5
perl –v shows:
This is perl 5, version 12, subversion 2 (v5.12.2) built for i686-linux

The *.po files are marked as UTF-8

I’m grateful for any reply, thx

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After downgrading FCGI from 0.71 to 0.68, the charset issues in descriptions and column-titles of tables have disappeared. Unfortunately the Subjects of Tickets with German Umlaute are now displayed with a bad charset: ö => ö ä => ä, etc.
The modification as described below does change nothing.

Any clues how to fix this?
New ideas are appreciated