RT3.2.1/mysqld eating 100% CPU until kill'd

Just upgraded to RT 3.2.1 based on the announcement from earlier today
(I was previously on RT 3.2.0)

I was playing around with QueryBuilder, and determined I could send mysqld
in to a tailspin pretty easily by creating a query such as:
Requestor.EmailAddress LIKE ‘.wilson’ OR Subject LIKE 'DCC’
Requestor.EmailAddress LIKE ‘jason’ OR Subject LIKE 'TUI’
Subject LIKE ‘TUI’ OR ‘CF.Technology’ = ‘IP Telephony’

The OR seems to be the key. If I change any of those to AND, the Query
will succeed and mysqld will not tailspin. Interestingly, the following
Subject LIKE ‘RT3’ OR Subject LIKE ‘TUI’

mysqld seems to eat 100% CPU until such time as it is killed. Killing
mysqld and restarting it allows get things moving again, but it will
happen if I run the above query again. Those same queries with OR
switched to AND succeeds without issue.

I’m unsure if this existed in 3.2.0 or 3.0.xx, can downrev to 3.2.0 if
necessary for testing purposes.

Unsure what additional information to provide, sohere’s a start:
RT 3.2.1
perl 5.8.3
Apache 1.3.29 with modperl 1.29
mysql 4.0.20
DBIx::SearchBuilder 1.01 (from CPAN)