Rt2stats - new release

Thanks to many suggestions, and even a few patches, and some
encouragement, most of the annoying bits of rt2stats have been fixed:

Also, jesse has shown me how to integrate this into RT2 properly, and I
will try to do this as soon as I have more free time. For the immediate
future, this will remain a standalone cgi.

matthew zeier wrote:

Teo, how does the save feature work? I see it in the code but can’t figure
it out.

./index.cgi save ./history (for a database wide set of stats)


./index.cgi save ./history queuename (for just one queue).

Modify ./history as appropriate. This directory must already exist. Also,
you must create history/queuename if you’re saving just one queue.

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Does anyone have access to this rt2stats cgi script? I would like to
test it in my RT environment.


Teo de Hesselle wrote: