Hi all,

Thought I’d share my experiences
on 3.8.2, and ask for ideas on how to overcome some warts. It is
pretty handy if you ever
need to downgrade to a plain email box based system, or want an
offline/backup copy to
read in Thunderbird. However, it seems it’s threading is a little weak
(as determined by
opening in Thunderbird and importing into GMail), which seems odd
since RT has “perfect”
knowledge of the threads…

However, more problematic is the fact that although it includes the
date on the mbox from
line, it omits a proper date date header for messages originating on
the server e.g; created
via the web interface or REST. This probably contributes to the
mangled threads, but also
really mucks up searching and sorting.

Alas, our system is down for the count so we may be stuck with the
mangled dates.