RT2 Web interface issue

Hey Jesse / Everyone:

I am new to the list but have been using RT 1.0.7 for some time now.
Request Tracker has been a blessing and my clients love it. I am trying to
get RT 2.0.4 working with PostgreSQL 7.0.3. I have everything installed
(make testdeps gave me an OK on everything) and the make install went great.
However, when going to the web interface, I get the following information
displayed. It looks like a Mason issue but unsure.

---------------- snip ----------------------

<& /Elements/Header, Title=>“Start page” &> <& /Elements/Tabs &>
<& /Elements/MyTickets &>
<& /Elements/MyRequests &>

       <& /Elements/Quicksearch &> 

---------------- snip -----------------------

Any ideas on how to resolve the issue?

Thanks in advance.


Mike Bush
Digital Minds International
Tel: 615-661-7900
Fax: 615-661-7949