Rt2-to-rt3-v1.13 still import problem


Phil Homewood schrieb:

[Mon Jun 30 13:14:05 2003] [crit]: Failed to create user : Must
specify ‘Name’ attribute (/opt/rt3/lib/RT/User_Overlay.pm:595)

[Mon Jun 30 13:14:05 2003] [error]: Could not load create a user
with the email address ‘’ to add as a watcher for ticket 53

Two ticket watchers cannot be created. Check those tickets and
make sure this is not going to cause you problems. It probably
won’t; have a look at the dumpfile and the original RT2 tickets
if you’re concerned.

for testing i have replaced the
"‘Email’ => undef," with "‘Email’ => ‘myemail@host.com’"
in every ticket with these error.

Could not create scrip: On Transaction Notify Owner with
templateTransaktionsmeldung in queue0

Could not create scrip: On Create Notify Requestors, Ccs and
AdminCcs with templateTransaktionsmeldung in queue0

Could not create scrip: On Create Autoreply To Requestors with
templateEingangsbestaetigung in queue0

Custom templates are not imported. You should recreate them
after checking that all the objects and methods therein are
still valid, and then configure the above scrips for that

I have deleted the Scrip section in the metadata file.
Do I need this section absolutely? In my new RT3 I have the standard
templates which i can change by hand. Thanks so far.

One error is still there after the userimport:

Importing groups
[Wed Jul 2 08:14:56 2003] [crit]: 1 /opt/rt3/lib/RT/ACE_Overlay.pm:884)
[Wed Jul 2 08:14:56 2003] [crit]: Can’t load a principal for id
Importing tickets…t-1000

Groups table in rt2 looks different to rt3 table. So I can’t compare the
fields. How can I check this?

Thanks in advance