Rt2->rt3 mail gateway problems

My rt3 web ui works fine but rt-mailgate keeps failing saying “401
Authorization required”. I found a couple posts suggesting an rt2 style
Mason “Filesmatch” could be the problem – so I’ve created an entirely
separate Apache instance so as not to confuse rt2 and rt3 configurations.

In desperation, I returned to install directory and typed “make test”.
It fails here:

ok 109 - Requiring 'EscalatePriority.pm
ok 110 - Requiring 'Generic.pm
ok 111 - Requiring 'Notify.pm
ok 112 - Requiring 'NotifyAsComment.pm
ok 113 - Requiring 'ResolveMembers.pm
ok 114 - Requiring 'SendEmail.pm
ok 115 - Requiring 'SetPriority.pm
ok 116 - Requiring ‘UserDefined.pm
[Tue Apr 22 19:55:28 2003] [crit]: Undefined subroutine &RT::Set called
at RT_SiteConfig.pm line 27.

I’ve tried creating RT_SiteConfig.pm in a variety of ways: copying the
entire RT_Config.pm file, copying sections of the file and copying
individual lines. Nothing seems to make a difference.

What’s wrong?

Carrie Coy
S&S Worldwide
(860) 537-3451 x2357