Rt2->rt3.2 can't access ticket content after import

Mysql 4.1.20
Perl 5.8.5

New RT is set up on a new box, fresh install, import to fresh Database.

rt2-dumpfile goes along great. dumpfile-rt3 also went fine after upping
the max_packet size for mysql. Log in to the web interface and all my
current tickets are there, the queues look fine and are searchable. The
problem: viewing ticket history, you can see the events (ie: comments
added, priority changed) but you cannot view any text that went with the
comment/resolution etcetera. If you click in the “#” next to a comment
it reloads the page, as does clicking on [Full headers]. I have scoured
the lists for a similar issue, the only one post I found had no
resolution. Can anyone point me to a fix for this? How can I make sure
the text made it into the DB, I understand it should be in the
attachments table? It does not appear to be a permissions problem, I
gave myself all rights at one point and the issue remained.

thanks in advance for any and all help.

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