RT2 is getting somewhere :)

I’m proud and happy to announce that we’ve started using RT2 in the local

Well, it’s not that ready. We’re only using it on one single queue -
and all traffic there comes from inhouse people at the moment. And there
are bugs lurking around every corner … not to forget that I frequently
get surprised by seeing that we’ve forgotten something really important.

Anyway, my motivation for working with it has grown considerably
since we’re actually using it. Development is happening fast here now…

I’ve set up a system which mails every single warning to me, it makes
it very easy to spot and deal with bugs.

The most important bits that are missing now is (I’ve probably forgotten a
lot of things here - principially all this stuff should be in the RT1
instance running at www.fsck.com, but it’s probably not completely

  • Dates. Darn, I’m slow. It should have been dealt with a long, long
    time ago … and I’ve even spent maybe a working week hunting for the
    Perfect way of dealing with dates and timestamps object oriented. Geez.
    We have this saying about shooting small birds with cannons. Anyway, I
    think it will be in place later today (friday) or latest at monday.

  • User database - it should be possible to enter comments about users
    (requestors). Those comments should be shown at the web display of a
    request from that user. It should also be a link to see any other
    requests from the same user.

  • Links to our excellent FAQ database. We have this system in our
    locally hacked up version of RT1 that a support user can enter a small
    keyword, and then he can modify and launch a prewritten reply. I will
    deal with this shortly.

  • There are still some stuff at the searches that don’t work yet.

  • ACL. I hope Jesse can do something useful here.

  • Admin tools. I do all admin stuff in SQL for the time beeing. I hope
    Jesse or somebody else can make some admin tools.

  • Convertion between rt1 and rt2 and back again. I’ve made a tool, but
    it needs to be updated due to the last changes to the architectur.

So … anyone that might want to use a RT system which is missing the
features above, should check it out from the CVS immediately. Easy bugs
and patches might be mailed to me, more complex bugs should be mailed to
rt20@fsck.com. Feature begs should be mailed to rt-2.0-projects@fsck.com.

“The trouble with the world is that the stupid are
cocksure and the intelligent are full of doubt.”

  • Bertrand Russell