RT2 Extensions

So, one night a few weeks ago, I couldn’t sleep. I spent some time
tossing and turning. That didn’t seem to help. So I got up. Arguably,
this was a rather silly thing to do. Anyway, I sat down at my terminal
and started to play with an idea I’d been toying with. Half an hour
later, I had a functional version of “Do The Right Thing,” a set of
views for RT which are targetted at project managment (which I sort of need
in my other life right now).

They’re by no means done. And they’re really only prototype quality code.
The plan is to release them as the first (of several) extension package for
RT2. After a little bit more work, I’ll announce rev 0.01 and put them
on a publically accessible CVS server. That is, of course, if anyone
finds them at all useful.

A demo is running on the RT2 demo server at http://rt2-demo.fsck.com:8080/PM/Projects.html (guest/guest) Note that tasks are shared between DTRT and the standard RT install. So, a project manager can work in his more traditional hierarchical listing view and assign tasks to someone which will come up
in his standard TODO view.

I know that the calendar view isn’t quite working yet. And that there are no Gantt or PERT charts yet.



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