(rt2) Extending the database to include a list of custom external references


I’m looking to make a modification to our rt2 installation which will
permit a list of common external url references, which would appear to
require modifying the rt2.Tickets (possibly) and rt2.Links tables
(likely); but before doing so I’d appreciate any thoughts/advice from
others who may have already done this.

Perhaps the best analogy for what I want to do is to make a reference
to a second RT installation with a list of ticket numbers which are
expressed as links in the Relationships section of a Ticket’s display
that point to the second RT box. Since the external reference is
consistent, I only wish to store a INT which is the ticket number on
the external system; but the ShowLinks Element can wrap the appropriate
HTML around it…

I should point out that I don’t actually want to talk to another RT
installation but a seperate homebrew system; Jesse probably has some
magic hooks already in place for RT <-> RT conversations.

It also appears that the %URI2HTTP hash in config.pm may be potentially

If anyone has already done this, or something similar, it would be good
to hear from them.