RT with project management tools


I can’t seem to find any reliable information about connecting RT with software like for example OpenProject. I would like RT tickets to be connected with OpenProject topics in a way that you can open one another by clickin on a link/button?

That is a whole another topic but I dont want to spam the forum :stuck_out_tongue: Is there a way to set templates for subjects when creating tickets? When someone creates a ticket he can choose a subject from a list.

Thanks in advance,

Hello Karol,

One of our partner uses RT with Libreplan. If you think Libreplan is interesting for you, I would connect you and the partner.



Thank you for your offer, but my company decided to work with another firm which provides RT implementations :wink: Afaik they will be able to do what we want.


Is anyone doing this sort of integration, project management with RT?

Libreplan or anything else?

Can you tell me more about this integration of Libreplan with RT?

When the user creates tasks in Libreplan, the new function creates corresponding tickets in RT (automatic or by pressing a button). The ticket id will be back-syncronised to LibrePlan task name, so LibrePlan task name will be “#ticketid Original Libre Task Name” (and the ticket subject is the Libre task name).

As a result the user has a useful overview and project managing capabilities in Libre (i.e. gantt), and the team works in RT tickets.

All the things done via REST (as far as I remember).